Cancer and deregulation of stem cells pathways

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Filipe Correia Martins *
Maria Filomena Botelho
António Manuel Cabrita
Maria Isabel Torgal
Carlos Freire de Oliveira
(*) Corresponding Author:
Filipe Correia Martins |


Stem cells may have an important etiological role in cancer. Their classic regulatory pathways are deregulated in tumors, strengthening the stem cell theory of cancer. In this manuscript, we review Wnt, Notch and Hedhehog pathways, describing which of their factors may be responsible for the neoplastic development. Furthermore, we classify these elements as oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes, demonstrating their mutation implications in cancer. The activation of these pathways is associated with the expression of certain genes which maintain proliferation and apoptosis inhibition. Further work should be carried out in the future in order to control tumor development by controlling these signaling cascades.

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